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Buffalo Soldiers
Greater Washington DC Chapter
9th and 10th (Horse) Cavalry Association


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Roll Call
Trooper Mark Matthews

Washington DC Chapter, 9th & 10th (Horse) Cavalry Assn.


Roll Call

Trooper Nathaniel  Adams Jr. Trooper Reuben  Hamilton** Trooper Walter Pope
Trooper Clara Aleshire Trooper John Hayslett, lll Trooper Clifford Rich
Trooper Raynaldo Aparicio Trooper Wilbert Hicks Trooper Nadine. Robinson*
Trooper Ronald  Baltimore Sr. Trooper Lynn Hill Trooper Harold Robinson*
Trooper Leslie Bates, Sr.** Trooper Phyllis Hobson Trooper Charles  Robinson
Trooper Willie  Biggs. Jr. Trooper Moses Humes Trooper Sam Ross*
Trooper Thomas Boaston Trooper Cypriana Hunter Trooper James. Rumpler 
Trooper Joe Bowman** Trooper William Hunter** Trooper James Scott
Trooper Rickey Brown Trooper William Hutton, Jr. Trooper Charlie Smith
Trooper Calvin Bussey Trooper Keith  Jarman Trooper David Smith*
Trooper Madlyn Calbert Trooper Joseph Johnson Trooper Phillip Smith, lll
Trooper William Calbert  Trooper Don Johnson Trooper James Speights
Trooper Kay Campbell Trooper Albert Joyner Trooper Ronald Stewart
Trooper Zedore Campbell** Trooper Wilbert Keeton* Trooper George Taylor
Trooper Loretta Clarke** Trooper Jesse King, Jr. Trooper Ronald Taylor
Trooper Mark Cason Trooper Charles Lancaster Trooper Alease Theard
Trooper Matthew Coleman Trooper Ann  Lancaster Trooper Michael Theard*
Trooper Hardrick Crawford Jr. Trooper William  Lancaster** Trooper Guy Tinner
Trooper Linda Crawford Trooper Paul  Lancaster** Trooper Wayne Tonkins
Trooper Jai Cribbs Trooper James  Lee Trooper Hugh Valentine, Jr.*
Trooper Rubin Cuffee Trooper Charles Lewis Trooper Bennie Van Hoose
Trooper Sidney Daniels Trooper Charles Lockett Trooper Winfred Walton
Trooper Thorton Davis* Trooper Bettye  Mayes Trooper Robert Warren
Trooper Ellis  Dean Trooper Thomas Mays Trooper Henry  Washington**
Trooper V'nell DeCosta Trooper Henry Mikell lll Trooper Ruth  Weston
Trooper Kevin DeCosta Trooper Herman  Miles Trooper C. Frederick Williams**
Trooper Maurice Du Bose* Trooper Chester Moody Trooper Maggie  Williams
Trooper John. Edwards Trooper Linwood  Mosley Trooper Julius Williams, Sr.
Trooper James. Eley** Trooper Lorenzo Nichols, Jr. Trooper Roland Williams
Trooper Oscar Evans Trooper Richard Nowacki** Trooper Andrew Winfree**
Trooper Clyde  Fairfax** Trooper Roswell Pinckney Trooper Curtis Womack**
Trooper Joseph  Frederick Trooper William Plater lll Trooper Reuben Wright
Trooper William Freeman Trooper Rod Pope
Trooper Keith Godwin**
Trooper Kinsey Goldman III  


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Greater Washington DC Chapter 9th & 10th (Horse) Cavalry Assn.